The Ultimate Warrior Championship Playlist


RIP Ultimate Warrior



Thank you, Warrior.

In 1990, I went to a cousin’s house to watch Wrestlemania VI. All of the ‘cool’ cousins with their British Knights took just enough time kicking my ass in NBA Jam or Tecmo Bowl or whatever game they had at the time to be huge Ultimate Warrior marks. I was secretly still suckered in by the vitamins, the prayers and the training (whatever the hell that meant to a ten year old kid) and all of the red and yellow gimmickry of the final throes of Hulkamania.

I still got grumbly in the tummy when I saw Randy Savage or Andre the Giant and I wasn’t giving up on my hero… Watching Hogan take one of the sloppiest big splashes in the history of mid to large splashes broke my little heart. It probably was still a little bit of WM6 butthurt (and maybe puberty) that made it so that I was moved on to other things by the time Hogan was throwing around Japanese guys and pretending he didn’t have a black eye on national ppv television a few years later. Year later, it was Wrestlemania VI and a $15 Wrestlemania Anthology purchase that brought me back into the wrestling fold though… and for that, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the most ridiculously appropriate character of all time… the Ultimate Warrior.

ANOTHER EDIT: I was laying in bed late Tuesday night when I saw Twitter light up saying that the Warrior had died. I said “HOLY SHIT” loud enough that my fiance woke up. His death reminded me of the death of Arthur “Killer” Kane from the New York Dolls, who held out for years, while living in poverty and keeping his instruments safely in hoc at a pawn shop, believing that someday the Dolls would reform and take their place at the top echelon of rock n’ roll stardom. Within a few weeks of finally being reunited with his bandmates 30+ years later, he got sick and died. Sometimes there exists one single thing in your life that is the only goal that keeps you going. Once you’ve come full circle, you’re free to leave. The Warrior’s story is unbelievable… just as his character was.


Intercontinental Championship

vs. Honkey Tonk Man – Summerslam 1988 Start of Intercontinental Championship run vs. Super Ninja – 11/16/88 Saturday Nights Main Event w/ Beefcake, Brunzell, Houston, Blue Blazer vs. Brown, Davis, Valentine, HTM, Bass Survivor Series 1988 vs. Honkey Tonk Man – 12/7/88 Saturday Nights Main Event vs. Rick Rude – Royal Rumble 1989 vs. Rick Rude – Wrestlemania V vs. Andre The Giant – 10/31/89 Saturday Nights Main Event w/ Rockers, Neidhart vs. Andre, Arn Anderson, Heenan, Haku Survivor Series 1989 w/ Hulk Hogan vs. Mr. Perfect, Genius – 1/3/90 Saturday Nights Main Event Royal Rumble 1990 Match – 1st Warrior vs. Hogan faceoff vs. Dino Bravo – 2/23/90 The Main Event


WWF Championship

vs. Hulk Hogan – Wrestlemania VI – wins WWF Championship vs. Mr. Perfect – 3/19/90 MSG (searchable but doesn’t load yet… coming soon?) vs. Haku – 4/23/90 Saturday Nights Main Event vs. Rick Rude – 7/16/90 Saturday Nights Main Event vs. Ted Dibiase – 8/13/90 AJPW vs. Rick Rude – Summerslam 1990 – Cage Match w/ Legion Of Doom vs. Demolition – 9/18/90 Saturday Nights Main Event vs. Dibiase – 10/30/90 The Main Event w/ Legion Of Doom, Texas Tornado vs. Demolition, Mr. Perfect First Match – Survivor Series 1990 w/ Hogan, Tito Santana vs. Hercules, Roma, Martel, Dibiase, Warlord Final Survivors Match – Survivor Series 1990 vs. Sgt. Slaughter – Royal Rumble 1991 Loses WWE Championship

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