The John Cena Championship Wins Playlist


It’s inevitable. John Cena wins a title. He comes to the ring. Kids and girls who don’t know about wrestling go bonkers. The internet gets MAD!!!!! He still wins. We get to laugh when he makes a shirt with an arrow pointing to his crotch that says “THE CHAMP IS HERE”. Then some of you make your kids wear it.

Here’s a list of the immovable objects that are John Cena Championship wins:

vs. Big Show – Wins US Title
Wrestlemania XX

vs. JBL – Wins 1st WWE Championship
Wrestlemania 21

Recapping Wrestlemania XX & 21 Wins:

vs. Edge – Wins 2nd WWE Championship
Royal Rumble 2006

vs. Edge – Wins 3rd WWE Championship
Unforgiven 2006 – TLC Match

vs. Chris Jericho – Wins 1st World Heavyweight Championship
Survivor Series 2008

vs. Big Show, Edge – Wins 2nd World Heavyweight Championship
Wrestlemania XXV

vs. Randy Orton – Wins 4th WWE Championship
Breaking Point 2009 – I Quit Match

vs. Randy Orton – Wins 5th WWE Championship
Bragging Rights 2009 – 60 Minute Iron Man Match

vs. Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Triple H – Wins 6th WWE Championship
Elimination Chamber 2010

vs. Batista – Wins 7th WWE Championship
Wrestlemania XXVI

vs. The Miz, John Morrison – Wins 8th WWE Championship
Extreme Rules 2011

vs. Rey Mysterio – Wins 9th WWE Championship
RAW 7/26/11

vs. Alberto Del Rio – Wins 10th WWE Championship
Night Of Champions 2012

vs. The Rock – Wins 11th WWE Championship
Wrestlemania 29

vs. Alberto Del Rio – Wins 3rd World Heavyweight Championship
Hell In A Cell 2013


Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 10.40.12 AM

BONUS MATCHES! John Cena Taps Out Playlist

vs. Kurt Angle
No Way Out 2004

vs. Kurt Angle
No Mercy 2003




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