Bobby Heenan on Commentary Playlist


Without a doubt, Bobby Heenan is the greatest heel commentator of all time. His commentary can make a great moment and make it a classic and make the worst match on the card the most entertaining. You don’t even need to be within sightline of these PPV’s, you can just let Heenan entertain you with his words.

Here’s a list of his run of PPV’s on commentary while with the WWF.

Rougeaus vs. Dream Team – First PPV Commentary
Wrestlemania III

w/ Gorilla Monsoon, Lord Alfred Hayes, Regis Philbin
Replaces Jesse Ventura as heel commentator
Wrestlemania VII

w/ Monsoon, Rowdy Roddy Piper
Summerslam 1991

w/ Monsoon
Survivor Series 1991

w/ Monsoon
This Tuesday In Texas

Calls Ric Flair’s Rumble Victory
Royal Rumble 1992

w/ Monsoon
Wrestlemania VIII

w/ McMahon
Summerslam 1992

w/ McMahon
Survivor Series 1992

w/ Monsoon
Royal Rumble 1993

w/ McMahon
Summerslam 1993

w/ McMahon, Monsoon, Jim Ross, Ray Combs
Survivor Series 1993

Monday Night Raw – Ep. 42 – Fired by Gorilla Monsoon

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