Best of The Headbangers Playlist

It’s been about a month or two since I started doing these playlists and I’ve enjoyed all of the kind words I’ve received via Twitter /  Facebook / Reddit. Recently, I saw that the WWE Playlist Twitter account ( ) got a follow from a familiar face… Thrasher from The Headbangers!

As a thank you for the follow, I’ve assembled this greatest hits list from The Headbanger archives… crank the White Zombie and put on your combat boots!



vs. New Blackjacks vs. Godwinns vs. Furnas, LaFon
Wrestlemania 13

vs. Legion Of Doom vs. Godwinns vs. Owen Hart, British Bulldog
In Your House 17 : Ground Zero – win Tag Team Titles

vs. Los Boricuas
One Night Only 1997

vs. Godwinns
In Your House 18 : Bad Blood – lose Tag Team Titles

w/ Blackjacks vs. New Age Outlaws / Godwinns
Survivor Series 1997

Mosh and Thrasher in Royal Rumble Match
Royal Rumble 1998

vs. March Mero, Goldust
No Way Out 1998

w/ Taka Michinoku vs. Kaientai
King Of The Ring 1998

vs. New Age Outlaws
Judgment Day 1998

vs. New Age Outlaws vs. Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown
Survivor Series 1998

vs. Kurrgan, Golga
Rock Bottom 1998

vs. Godfather, D-Lo Brown

vs. Kurt Angle, Steve Blackman

w/ Godfather, D-Lo Brown vs. Dudley Boyz, Acolytes
Survivor Series 1999

Tag Team Battle Royal
Armageddon 1999

Hardcore Battle Royal
Thrasher is Hardcore Champion for 43 Seconds
Wrestlemania 2000


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