The Rise & Fall of Zack Ryder


February 2011 – Launches Z! True Long Island Story

April 2011 – Declares himself Internet Champion

Zak Ryder chants start without Zak even appearing
Capitol Punishment – 6/19/2011

vs. Dolph Ziggler
Vengeance – 10/22/2011

vs. Dolph Ziggler – wins US Championship
TLC – 12/17/2011

w/ Big Show, John Cena vs. Mark Henry, Jack Swagger
RAW – 1/1/2012

vs. Jack Swagger – loses US Championship

vs. Kane
RAW – 1/22/2012

vs. Jack Swagger
Smackdown – 3/22/2012

vs. Kane
RAW – 4/15/2012

vs. Daniel Bryan
Smackdown – 9/6/2012

vs. Antonio Cesaro – for US Championship
Night Of Champions – 9/16/2012

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