Chris Benoit Complete WWE PPV Run

The WWE Network doesn’t provide direct links to any Chris Benoit matches due to the unfortunate and tragic circumstances of his death. This playlist covers all of Benoit’s matches during his WWE run. To find his matches in PPV’s with milestone markers, just look for the largest gap between milestones.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 12.06.44 PM

vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle
Wrestlemania 2000 4/1/2000

vs. Jericho
Backlash 4/30/2000

vs. Kurt Angle
Insurrextion 5/6/2000

vs. Chris Jericho
Judgment Day 5/21/2000

vs. Rikishi
King Of The Ring 6/25/2000

vs. The Rock
Fully Loaded 7/23/2000

vs. Chris Jericho
Summerslam 8/27/2000

vs. The Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Kane
Unforgiven 9/24/2000

vs. Triple H
No Mercy 10/22/2000

w/ Radicalz vs. D-Generation X
Survivor Series 11/19/2000

vs. Undertaker
Rebellion 12/2/2000

vs. Billy Gunn
Armageddon 12/10/2000

vs. Jericho – Ladder Match
Royal Rumble 1/21/2001

vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho
No Way Out 2/25/2001

vs. Kurt Angle
Wrestlemania 17 4/1/2001

vs. Kurt Angle – submission match
Backlash 4/29/2001

vs. Kurt Angle – 2 out of 3 falls
Insurrextion 5/5/2001

w/ Jericho vs. Edge, Christian
Judgment Day 5/20/2001

vs. Steve Austin vs. Jericho – wrestles with broken neck
King Of The Ring 6/24/2001

vs. Rob Van Dam
Summerslam 8/25/2002

vs. Kurt Angle
Unforgiven 9/22/2002

w/ Kurt Angle vs. Edge, Rey Mysterio
No Mercy 10/20/2002

w/ Kurt Angle vs. Los Guerreros
Rebellion 10/26/2002

w/ Kurt Angle vs. Los Guerreros vs. Edge, Rey Mysterio
Survivor Series 11/17/2002

vs. Eddie Guerrero
Armageddon 12/15/2002

vs. Kurt Angle
Royal Rumble 1/19/2003

w/ Brock Lesnar vs. Team Angle
No Way Out 2/23/2003

w/ Rhyno vs. Los Guerreros vs. Team Angle
Wrestlemania XIX

w/ Rhyno, Spanky vs. John Cena, FBI
Judgment Day 5/18/2003

vs. Eddie Guerrero
Vengeance 7/27/2003

vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Rhyno vs. Tajiri
Summerslam 8/24/2003

vs. A-Train
No Mercy 10/19/2003

w/ Team Angle vs. Team Lesnar
Survivor Series 11/16/2003

Royal Rumble Match
Royal Rumble 1/25/2004

vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Wrestlemania XX 3/14/2004

vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Backlash 4/18/2004

w/ Edge vs. La Resistance
vs. Kane
Bad Blood 6/13/2004

vs. Triple H
Vengeance 7/11/2004

vs. Randy Orton
Summerslam 8/15/2004

w/ William Regal vs. Evolution
Unforgiven 9/12/2004

w/ Edge vs. La Resistance
Taboo Tuesday 10/19/2004

w/ Team Orton vs. Team Triple H
Survivor Series 11/14/2004

vs. Edge, Triple H, Jericho, Batista, Orton – Elimination Chamber Match
New Years Revolution 1/9/2005

Money In The Bank Match
Wrestlemania 21 4/3/2005

vs. Edge – Last Man Standing Match
Backlash 5/1/2005

vs. Eddie Guerrero
One Night Stand 6/12/2005

vs. Orlando Jordan
Great American Bash 7/24/2005

vs. Orlando Jordan
Summerslam 8/21/2005

vs. Booker T vs. Christian vs. Orlando Jordan
No Mercy 10/9/2005

vs. Booker T
Survivor Series 11/27/2005

vs. Booker T
Armageddon 12/18/2005

vs. Booker T
No Way Out 2/19/2006

vs. JBL
Wrestlemania 22 4/2/2006

vs. Finlay
Judgment Day 5/21/2006

vs. William Regal
No Mercy 10/8/2006

vs. Chavo Guerrero
Survivor Series 11/26/2006

vs. Chavo Guerrero
Armageddon 12/17/2006

w/ Hardys vs. MVP, MNM
No Way Out 2/18/2007

vs. MVP
Wrestlemania 23 4/1/2007

vs. MVP
Backlash 4/29/2007

vs. MVP – last PPV Match
Judgment Day 5/19/2007


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