Where’d The Playlists Go? or… Guess Who’s Gonna Be A Daddy?



Hey everyone! I haven’t posted anything in a few days… I blew through my queue pretty quick and I thought I’d be able to catch up before I got to the end of the line. Obviously, that didn’t happen. I’ve missed a few city taping playlists (which are usually really easy to get done and have in the queue, which is part of the reason why I do so many of them)… and I haven’t posted any other lists for about a week or so.

So what happened?


On July 25th, 2014, at 5:34pm, I received a text message from my fiance saying that I needed to come home immediately. When I got home, there was a pregnancy test confirming that I was now a father-to-be. After a few more tests to confirm things, I found out that I’m going to be having a baby sitting on my lap for Wrestlemania XXXI.

I am obviously way beyond excited.

So with that in mind, I will be reducing my workload here. I was spending most of my early mornings on days off researching WWE storylines and history, but the last week I’ve been spending that time researching baby strollers, fetus development, baby cam specs, and the merits of cloth vs. disposable diapers. This project is still fun for me and I’m happy I’ve done it. I use it regularly (most often while doing the dishes, with my laptop hanging precariously off the edge of the fridge, for some reason).


Unfortunately, with greater power comes greater responsibility, so no more playlist a day routine for me… sorry everyone. I will put together lists on my leisure once things calm down a bit and hopefully you guys will still continue to use the lists that I’ve already made.

I’ve received some offers to help write new lists… I’d love to have that happen! If you’re interested, add me on Facebook and then send me a message. It might take me a while to return your message but if you’re motivated and can come up with some fun list ideas, I’d love to get things working for you.

Beyond that, thank you!
– Michael Adler
PS I guess now I get to start learning what the point of the PG era was, right?

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